Graeme Gavegan

With a career that spans over 4 decades Shihan G is an MOKNZ 7th Dan kyokushin Black Belt and principle instructor at the Dunedin CCMA gym which he established in 1998.

Having trained and competed in both kickboxing and full contact karate here and overseas he continues his lifelong passion for the martial arts by continuing to train and coach at CCMA.  


As well as being CCMAs principle instructor he is also South Island Branch Chief for the MOKNZ and is responsible for grading standards and requirements for all moknz schools throughout the south.  He also holds a position on the national bodies executive board.

Kevin Strange

Kevin began training in 1982 and holds a 4th dan Black Belt with the MOKNZ and is 2IC of the gym. Kev's a great motivator, his classes are fast paced and he's always ready to inject a bit of humor into the mix when an opportunity arises.  

Iain Bonney

Iain is a senior kickboxing instructor at our gym with over 15 years of experience.  A teacher during the day Iain understands the importance of communication and patience when it comes to learning and developing any new skill, he applies the same understanding to his coaching, ensuring that students learn without feeling pressured or hurried.

Margaret Strange

Margie is an assistant instructor with our karate school and holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt. Married to Kevin and mother to John (who trains in the junior class) karate is a family affair for Margie.  Her eye for detail makes her an ideal teacher for the juniors who require a little more attention when learning correct technique.

Kirsty Brownlie


As well as being an active competitor in the ring Kirsty coaches our beginners kickboxing class.

A certified personal trainer, Kirsty enjoys passing her knowledge on to newcomers to the sport ensuring they get a good grounding in the basics before they move on to the general class.