While our primary aim is to provide children with the necessary skills to defend themselves, developing confidence in kids is one of the most important aspects 

of our junior program.  Confidence plays an important part in how we interact with the world and how the world 

interacts with us. 


We believe that martial arts training will not only provide kids with the ability to stand up for themselves but will also give them the self confidence needed for peaceful conflict resolution. 

The confidence gained through training will benefit them far beyond the school ground helping them lay a foundation for the things they want to achieve in the future.  


Our junior and family classes are similar in many respects to our general classes. Dojo etiquette, karate technique, bag work, pad work and sparring are all covered with the one  major difference being that the class is taught at a slower pace....oh and we've also added in some games (for the kids) that help build confidence, improve balance, coordination and agility and most importantly of all.... are fun! 


Parents not wanting to train are still welcome to stay and watch the class or drop their kids off and pick them up once the class is over.


This class is open to kids 7 yrs and up or 5yrs and up if accompanied by a training adult.



Monday 5:45 pm 1hr

Next beginners intake

Monday August 31st



$60 for an 8 class concession card

Casual $10 Per class